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Mash tun heating

3-Oaks Distillery

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We have a similar problem in a home-brewed 550g mash tun.  We installed ~60' of 3/4" flexible copper tubing around the inside perimeter of the tun, and we can run hot or cool water thru it.  We typically re-heat from about 175 to 190F in ~75 minutes with near-boiling water.  I can't see why you couldn't run steam through it to maintain a higher temp.  You must have an agitator running while heating or cooling, otherwise on the area immediately around the coils gets heated/cooled.  

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On 3/29/2020 at 9:04 PM, 3-Oaks Distillery said:

I thought of infusion but won't work in my case.  How about a heating coil that I can run thru my heat exchanger and use femara cost?  I could put a hot water hose on it and a relief valve?

any help would be appreciated.

have you found a solution since? i see a lot of time has passed since and i'm wondering what you've done?

also thanks for the recommendations klattig

asking all of this because i'm having a very similar issue... thanks

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