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Bunging valve 0.2-2.2bar for special request for fermentation tank.

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Bunging valve 0.2-2.2bar for special request for fermentation tank.

Hi everybody, nice to meet you here! This is Amy from Tiantai beer equipment company.

For this article, I would like to share you my opinions on the Bunging valve. Welcome to join us for the discussion.

Pressurized fermentations are becoming increasingly popular,. we can gain some of the benefits from fermenting beer under pressure, they are:

  1. Lower ester production,
  2. being able to ferment at higher temperatures without producing off-flavors,
  3. having your beer carbonated by the end of fermentation (rather than carbonating separately for over a week)
  4. Moreover, some research suggests beer fermentation under pressure can reduce the amount of advanced alcohol in beer and avoid having a headache after drinking.Mechanical bunging valve can regulate pressure from 0.2bar~2.2bar.

How to set a bunging valve?
We need to turn the adjustable to set up the pressure you want. The pressure in the picture2 is 0.4 bar now.
And put some 75alcohol water or other food grade sterilant into the liquid vessel.When beer is fast fermenting, we can check the pressure through the pressure gauge.

Any comments will be warmly welcomed. Leave your comments here or send me an mail directly to start the talk.

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Hi Amy


In this industry, they want esterification and secondly, they don't want carbonation.

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