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I have also had trouble finding specific information.

Sales in both volume and $ amount for individual spirits?

On- and Off-premise info containing the same information?

I have been able to find national info through university libraries, including Handbook Advance (some state info). But I have tried Dept. of Revenue (controls liscensing), Dept. of Commerce (suggested by DoR), Restaraunt Association and Chamber of Commerce to no avail. Also tried just-drinks. They didn't have what I was looking for, either. Is there another company/group? Should I be looking for different info? I would think these would be relevant.

Thanks for your guidance.


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Is it possible to get a hold of this information without shelling out nearly a thousand dollars? That thousand could certainly be used for other things! his seems like info that should be able to be found free of charge. Any suggestions?

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DISCUS is another source for general information. Brand-specific sales data is the stuff you have to pay for. The public companies (Beam, Diageo, Brown-Forman) report their sales but the private companies (Heaven Hill, Sazerac) do not. Instead, researchers poll distributors and retailers and do projections. It's expensive data to collect and process and very valuable to the producers, hence it is closely-held and expensive.

I also question how relevant it is to someone playing in the micro-distillery space.

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Hey folks, reviving an old thread here to ask if any of you would be willing to share actual sales figures.

We have been lucky enough to have some transparency from the guys at Dry Fly, who through various news articles have disclosed that in 2012 they sold 8,000 cases with $1.8 million in sales, a 38% increase in volume from 2011. I believe they launched in late 2007/early 2008. They are marketers by trade, so it could be assumed that their growth is above average for our industry.

Anyone else care to share? As Chuck mentioned earlier in this thread, I don't think the big brand numbers are particularly relevant when projecting sales for a micro-distillery.



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