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On 4/25/2020 at 6:15 AM, 1861 Master Distiller said:

We are staring a new distillery in GA and looking for a 300-500 Direct Fired still, mash tun and and fermenters.  If you have something close, please let me know.



Hi Brian, 

Is it too late to contact you?

Still and brewery equiment manufacturer (DYE company), can make all equipment according to your needs, if you are interested, pls send emails to daey009@dayuwz.com or sophiewu@zjdayu.com



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We are closing our distillery in Colorado and may have a lot of things that would be great for you.  Our still sold but have mash tuns, fermenters, grain separator, pumps, chiller, boiler misc bottling.


maybe reach out and we can discuss what would work for you



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