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Amaro - General Filtration/Stability Questions

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Hello all.  We're starting an herbal liqueur project (basically an amaro/fernet) and am wondering if anyone has any tips on insuring shelf stability.  Also, any tips on filtering?  Hoping to have a final product visually similar to Fernet Branca, Jager, etc.  No cloudiness and no sediment.

We are starting with our gin base (13 botanicals) and macerating the following additional botanicals for varying times:

Gentian Root
Vanilla Beans
Cinnamon Stick
Mint Leaves
lemon balm

After maceration, we plan to filter, sweeten, proof, then bottle.

Any tips at all on creating a non cloudy/no sediment product (or any tips at all) is appreciated.

Cheers all!


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After blending everything, try some powdered bentonite to settle (ideally in a small conical) and then rack off the top of the sediment after a week or so. Filter what you rack off through a 1 micron depth filter prior to sending through your final filter on the bottling line.

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We've been working with several filtering methods. We use cheesecloth to get rid of the large bits. Then we have a canister filter at 5 microns then a small plate filter at .5 microns. Works well for us.  We're small so keep that in mind if you're trying to filter more than 100g at a time. We filter when we remove the botanicals and again with the plate filter only for bottling. For non amaros/liqueurs it works great and we have a perfectly clear product. We haven't used it on our limoncello yet. We plan on it next week. I've been testing it but I'm having problems with that clogging up every filter I have due to the pulp from the juice in it. I have a bag filter on order but it's not here yet.

Our canister filter is like this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JIRHRBK/

Plate filter: https://www.amazon.com/Buon-Vino-Super-Jet-Filter/dp/B0064OG4WE - I wish we would have gone with the 6 plate version though.

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I have often thought of trying a centrifuge with a slow feed rate to clear out particulates. I’ve not heard of anyone else doing this in the distillery industry but it’s done for waste oil processing in the biofuel space all the time. 

you could try heating the product prior to centrifuge to move out solids and sub zero cooling to coagulate oils. 

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