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How much heads + tails into barreled whiskey

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Your Canadian-ness is showing :) , a proof gallon is 1 gallon at 50% abv, so 900 gallons @ 10% abv = is 180 PG not 90 PG. 

Anyways, on a simple pot still (no active reflux / plates/ dephleg) a reasonable expectation would be to recover ~70% of the total alcohol as hearts./usable spirit 1/3 as heads is vastly too much, if you are doing it organoleptically that suggests big fermentation problems, if you are doing it based on parrot proof it suggests your charge strength is much too high. 

If you are making malt whiskey on a simple pot still 10% abv is too high for wash and you'll get better results at 7% or 8 (or lower). 

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