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Size mesh for barrel dump station


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What size mesh screen are people using in their barrel dump stations?  I have a perforated metal base, but am looking into how fine of a mesh I can use on top of the perforated metal base (I think 100 mesh is still too large, my catalog says there is a 300 mesh, but is that too fine?)


Thanks in advance to all the answers!



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You are passing the spirit through some other filtration afterwards?  Or are you expecting the mesh to do all the filtering?  Only asking because 300 mesh is already down to 50 micron.  That's fairly tight.  I'd be concerned about splashing and pooling.

I don't think we are even near 20 or 30 mesh.  However, we're passing through particulate filtration - we're just keeping the chunks of char out of the pumps, lines, and cartridges.



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