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Help! Please take my mishmash distillate! Price - $0.00 I need the tankspace.

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Hi all!

I have approximately 1400 gallons at 60 proof that's a mix of various distillates (beer, cider, and a little rum) from a variety of R&D trials. Perfect for re-distilling into vodka or sanitizer. Our cellar would like it gone, so if you can arrange and pay for your own shipping and have a valid DSP then we're willing to part with whole lot at the outrageous price of $0.00. Seriously, please help me out with this one... the cellar team may hurt me if I don't get rid of this... and Jessica is really scary.

Product is currently stored in Santa Rosa, California. Additional details available upon request via email.

If you're interested, please call me at 949-420-9463 or email me at Aaron@bevzero.com




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