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multiple spirit distilation


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I want to make an old style gin , much like the old dutch genever. i was playing with re distilling our gin though a second flavor pass

through a gin basket. doing some reading i saw that back in the day they ran more of a whiskey base through some junipers, also some added rum, 

i thought about that , could i run say 4.5 parts vodka distilled from corn 2.5 parts vodka distilled from wheat, one part gin, one part corn whiskey, and one part rum 

in a still and run it through a gin basket with junipers and other traditional gin spices.i think the flavor profile would be pretty amazing not mention how it would just hang 

in your mouth. any thoughts ?

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If you're talking about having all of those spirits as the base spirit of your macerate, sure.  Go for it.  You'd probably lose some of the characteristics of the spirits in the additional distillation, but it'd be interesting.

Good luck.  Would love to hear how it goes.

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i mixed all the spirits together in my small finishing still and hooked up my gin basket with berrys and spices, the result was like a super gin, but i then mixed that at 20 to 1 with our house gin. what i ended up with is pretty dam tasty Gin that sits at 94 proof drinks like an 80 proof and hangs in your mouth. Now to mass produce it ......

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