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Gin Production Leftovers


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We are in the early stages of planning a distillery here in the Southeast.  While we've scaled back a bit from our initial plans of brown spirits (still a long term goal), we do want to begin with a gin (with sourced NGS) we can market sooner than later.  I had a couple of basic production questions to throw out.  How much volume (as a % of the size of the charge) and % abv is leftover after a gin run?  We will be located in a rural area and in our case, that means septic only.  I certainly want to be mindful of whatever I put down the drain.  (We have a well on the property now, but would have access to county water.) 

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What type of gin? 3 botanicals or many?

If you are planning to produce a multi-botanical I am finding tons of good flavor in 5% abv and less at end of run that I use as most of my proofing water. Very little if any  to pour down drain. 


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