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Tamper proof tape


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I am finalizing an approved label.

We have printed a front and back label on vinyl that I like.

They printed a tape to seal the top on a tamper resistant substrate. They are struggling to match both the colors and the sheer.

Is my tape required/ recommended to be "tamper resistant" or can/should I use the same quality vinyl as the label?

Thank you for suggestions.

Brad Irwin

Oregon Spirit Distillers

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Tamper evidence is something consumers like. Your retailers will probably not accept spirits without it. Capsules will cost you only $0.03 each, and they can be custom printed in larger volumes. As GStone indicates, tamper seals are usually paper with a very aggressive adhesive. Someone somewhere was making a relatively attractive knock-off of the old federal seals that added a nostalgic look, and while they don't/won't look like your front and back labels, they look like they belong on the bottle.

Good luck,


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