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i need some guidance. the water district is asking for my recipe and the amount of waste water i will be using. am i required to hand over my recipe? also i will be using a 200L still, does anyone have a reasonable estimate of the water that would be used to cool the distillate from a single run? anything would be helpful so i can answer the questions that they have asked me.


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I'd give them a call and see what details they need.   Also talk to any microbrewery in the water district - they might help you sate the bureaucracy.  

You certainly shouldn't need to spec which yeasts you use or the relative amounts of various grains.

If you aren't doing grist-in distilling, then you can probably describe stillage as 'N' Plato beer (w/ yeast) & ethanol removed.

My local district want's to nick you if the pH is too far of neutral, if the biological oxygen demand (BOD) is too high[likely], or if the temperature is too far out of whack.

Water use for cooling depends on temps & the efficiency of your cooling system.   Someone else can address that better.

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