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"Age at home" kits

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We're considering selling an "age at home" kit which would consist of 2L barrels and 2 bottles of new make spirit in an effort to help sales and put our whiskey in the hands of consumers while our core products age in our own barrels.  Right now I'm just trying to find a reliable source for the 2L barrels.  I've found a few places selling them online, but most seem geared towards consumers rather than distilleries and the reviews aren't stellar.

Any tips and recommendations are appreciated.  Thanks.

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Those small barrels that are found online and geared towards the consumer are OK quality at best. I've used a few on occasion and have had no issues, but you'll find many of the reviews are due to the consumer not properly conditioning the barrel to store liquid.


I do know that The barrel Mill has a few divisions, one of which makes barrels as small as 1 US gallon. https://www.creativebarrel.com/configure-your-barrel/. Maybe get in touch with them to discuss your wishes.

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