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IMHO - vacuum distillation of cucumber yields the truest aroma.

The skin, flesh, and seed all have unique aroma. One of these is a negative, removing it improves the distillate aroma tremendously.  I won’t tell you which.

If that’s not an option, I’ve found maceration to yield a better profile than high temperature vapor distillation.  For me, cucumber can take on a stewed profile, where you lose that crisp aroma of a fresh cut cucumber.

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Thanks Silk city. I know which is negative, hahaha

What about long term problems with the oils from the cucumber becoming visible after awhile in the finished product. The small experiments that I have done never sat around long enough to see.

Have you ever had of seen any issues with this?

Thanks again

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I know a distiller that used cucumber water in the proofing process to add the fresh flavors without getting the stewed characters that can come over in distillation. 

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