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Oregon to have private liquor sales?


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Republican Candidate Chris Dudley laid out a 26 point plan recently and in it he calls for the privatization of liquor stores in our state.


Obviously this makes me giddy but what it got me thinking was what do you think would be the ideal regulations for a state to have/adopt? If you were to create the laws, what changes would you make?

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Sounds like a good deal to me......

As for what they should do, take a look at Missouri law and copy it entirely. Best part of it is a distillery can sell wholesale, retail, and self distribution.

As for the private owned liquor stores, we don't have many laws on that either. We sell all day on Sundays. Grocery stores or liquor stores, both sell the same items. Some states don't let grocery stores sell anything except beer, other states have grocery stores sell only beer and wine. In Missouri, anyone who qualifies for the proper license can sell anything.

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