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Digital PH Meter


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Hey Everyone. I am in search of a high quality digital PH meter that works with suspended solids. We have been using a cheaper model for years that seems to need to be re-calibrated every week or two and we have been replacing them about once a quarter.


Does anyone have recommendations on a good, lab quality meter that they have used?

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This is a tough one.

Hanna is an Asian Instrument maker that produces mostly low quality Lab gear. Their Tech Support is NON-EXISTENT, and I have gotten Buffer Calibration Solutions that were mispackaged and mislabeled. As an example I have a full box of PH 7 Solution Sachets that are PH 10 without any doubt whatsoever. If you instrument fails, good luck on speaking to anyone that cares to assist you in getting the matter sorted out. In Water Treatment we used Lab gear made by Hach which was decent Industrial quality stuff. A better Boiler Test meter by far is made by Myron. I am sure there are other choices but as for this brand I advise you try to avoid them.

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Even the best meters are going to need to be recalibrated regularly.  The high-end meter manufacturers are likely going to recommend an even more aggressive calibration schedule, daily or weekly.  Many of these higher end meters use refillable electrodes, which is even more work.

Average probe replacement time is 12 months under normal use, I'd day daily use in a distillery would be fairly harsh use, especially if measuring hot mash.  Leaving it out, storing dry, this will kill anybody's probe.  If you are taking pH readings on hot mash - this is detrimental, although we do it all the time.  Needing to cool a sample to room temperature is a real pain, so chalk it up as cost of doing business.

Calibration will tell you when the probe is on it's way out.  Really slow to respond, long time to calibrate, readings far off from expected.

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