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Hi all, 2 questions. 

We make vodka and I am interested in making a flavored vodka using vegetables.

My first question is do I have to redistill after macerating to be a vodka, ( I dont want to redistill) or can I just pass through 1 micron filter and bottle.

My second question is, if I do just filter it, how will it affect proofing and how can I make sure it is correct as I have heard that sugars will affect proofing.

thank you all in advance

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You don't have to redistill after macerating to be classified as a "Flavored Vodka".


For proofing anything with obfuscation (especially if you are adding sugars) you should do a bench distillation to proof (if using like a snap50 or DMA35 equivalent digital densitometer). If you have one of the fancy tabletop machines that run like 10k you can put the spirit right in and it can proof it with sugars and suspended solids. 

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Check the regulations CFR 30.31 "Determination of Proof" and CFR 30.32 "Determination of Proof Obscuration".  Unless you are doing an extreme maceration there is a good chance your solids will be below the 600 mg per 100 milliliter limit. You only need to do an evaporation test to confirm the solids levels. If you are below the limit then you do not need the fancy lab distillation setup or the expensive electronic meters, and the proof determination is basically the same as for a normal vodka.

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