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CLEAR OUT - 750ML Round spirit bottle

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CLEAR OUT 750ML Round spirit bottle – Flint, kerr finish, 370g



United Bottles & Packaging is presently offering a CLEAR OUT on a 750ml spirit bottle.

As shown in the picture, the glass is flint and has a kerr finish. We presently have 1203 cases of 12 – available in cases only.

We offer a very competitive price of $9,31/case delivered price for the entire lot. The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet of 84 cases.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information or samples.

I am looking forward working with you in a near future.

We thank you for your interest and trust in United Bottles & Packaging.

Have a pleasant day,

Marie-France Pelletier

450-622 1600 #235


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