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UV Lights for Proofing Water?

Pollyanna Ed

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So, I'm relatively new to the game and in the process of building out our distillery. Due to our water supply I know I will be proofing with RO water. Storage tank options are IBC tote with HDPE bottle or stainless. Does anyone use UV lights to maintain sanitation of the water as it sits in the tank? If you do, it seems that stainless would be the only way to go since HDPE doesn't hold up to UV. Or do you just let it sit in the HDPE tank and not worry about it?

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We use a pressurized tank provide by Buckeye Hydro.  They have a very nice, compact RO system.  With the pressurized tank we have a good flow.  We stop the RO system prior to each proofing run and empty the tank once we are done proofing until the next time we need to proof.


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