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AlcoTest-RI®-2911 Plus-J157OM-DP by Rudolph Analytical - 60 days old (barely used)


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AlcoTest-RI®-2911 Plus-J157OM-DP  (Paid $25,738 in June, Selling for $20,000 plus actual shipping costs)

We are new distillery that bought this piece of equipment brand new 2 months ago.  It works perfectly fine and has been barely used.  We are selling it because at our size we don't need this level of sophistication and it is not being used.  Rather than let sit there until we grow into it, we are opting to take a loss and infuse cash back into the business. Our loss is your gain if you have been considering this type of equipment. Rudolph Analytical has been great to work with - our rep provided great support through start up and the equipment itself is easy to use.  

The New Full Feature AlcoTest does it All!
• Measure a huge range of products from Fortified Liquors and Spirits to Beers and Wines
• High Solids are not a problem, Measure directly without doing a distillation
• Measure Sugar/Brix content in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
• May still use the TTB Approved Method of measuring a distilled beverage
• Measure alcohol concentration without distilling quickly using Density & Refractometry

Density & Refractometry are time tested, proven and robust
measurements that are Fast and Easy to do. And the Rudolph
Research Analytical Software provides the Simplest User
Interface possible for what once was an arduous task.

More information on Features & Specifications available if interested.

Rudolph AlcoTest-RI.jpg

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On 12/17/2020 at 3:13 AM, barristerandbrewer said:

I was trying to research this unit by myself, but I wasn't able to determine if this is approved by TTB for tax gauging?

If you could post a link to the TTB approval I would appreciate it.  We may be interested in buying it from you.



Last page. It's there.

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