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bottle filler suggestions


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We are looking to purchase another bottle filler. We currently use the Enolmatic volumetric filler. It works really good but the filters are pretty expensive. It's much faster and works better than the old gravity filler we use to have (which was slow and we could never get a good seal during filling).

Asking for your experience/suggestions on a great bottle fillers to consider. Price, ease of use/maintenance, reasonably priced filters & parts.

Also, any suggestions on complete filler lines (filling, corking, shrink, labling) you use or have used? Are they worth the cost? Are they accurate and reliable?


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We have a 6 spout for sale, it will change your world compared to the Enolmatic.  Xpress are good fillers, but they are loud and only go up to 4 spouts.

We've used the following fillers here over the years:


Each has it's own advantage and disadvantage.  Feel free to give me a call if you're interested in our filler.


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Hi Denise - We specialize in small to medium sized bottling lines. Our 4 nozzle Bottle Filler is semi-automatic and runs 800+ bottles an hour. Every fill is fast and EXTREMELY accurate. We also offer Rinsing, Labeling, Capping and Heat Shrinking as well. Professional, affordable equipment - and NOTHING made in China. 

Please visit us at crusystems.com for videos, pricing and more info. Or feel free to send me an email steve@crusystems.com



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