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Immersion Elements for Stripping Run??


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Does anyone have any experience using electric immersion elements for whiskey stripping runs? Do they just foul up superfast?

Specifically thinking separating the grain from the wort before stripping but likely there will still be some solids in there.


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The general consensus is that it's not a good idea. Early on, I tried filtering out the solids, and even when I had a virtually clear wort, I still had solid particles burnt to the elements after the stripping run. It's going to be an uphill battle until you can get some indirect heat for the stripping runs. What are you mashing in?

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I use a 5500 watt ULWD heating element. I haven't tried distilling on the grain yet, but I don't usually let a ferment clear. I haven't had any issues with scorching. 


This is the element I have, been using the same one for several years now and it still looks brand new.





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