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We dont use turbo yeast, nor do I reccomend it due to the off flavors it can create. I buy most my yeast from Fermentis. If you need some help selecting the best yeast for the job, shoot me a message. Distillerynow@gmail.com



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is it a good idea to recover yeast after fermentation?  I was told we should develop a strain that works in the environment we will be - I will be in panama where the temperature never goes much below 80 degrees , I can cool the area in the afternoon with some fans and AC, but since I know very little about this subject, I though Id ask. Can you, over time develop a yeast that would get stronger with each generation or is that not the case?


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Theoretically you can harvest yeast and eventually have its characteristics change over time, but those changes are random and slow. Unless you are basically always pitching and harvesting there is likely to be lags in production that will stress the viability of the yeast.  Of course if you are planning a huge distillery this could easily be overcome.

As to harvesting/recovering yeast after fermentation this is common practice in the beer world, and could be done if you sanitation regime is solid.  This would be easiest by far if your fermentation is done off the grain, as it allows for easier clearing etc.  I've never tried it grain in so perhaps someone else can sound off.

Real World: You might be able to repitch occasionally.  Finding a strain that suits your operating conditions is best.  Lots of whiskey and rum distilleries are in come pretty warm climates.


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We ferment off the grain and always collect the yeast for re-pitching. We find after about 20 or so generations it tends to start falling off and so we'll re-buy a fresh pitch from our supplier and start the process all over again. We're clean, but not super clean and since we started using this system we've had zero problems with unwanted bacteria. It is a very economical way to go and we find the results batch after batch are very stable.

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