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Guest Glenn

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Hi All,

I am thinking of a career change.   But, it would be sometime to get the distilling skills needed to move into production of alcohol.   However, I would like to see how I could fit into the industry.  I am a Product Manager for software.   Sort of a distiller of software.   I decide what it looks like, acts like, is produced.   I just distill bits and bytes.    

If anyone is up for a discussion or better yet a call, I would really appreciate it.   I know you are busy, and I only need 30 minutes of your time.    And per the usual if you need help that I can deliver, I would gladly reciprocate.

Glenn Pride

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Hello !

what exactly do you want to know?
And what exactly do you want to start doing? Do you have any specific goals or want to get some basic knowledge?

I can help you in technical terms, not in the "state of the US market" :)
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