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Hello from Ukraine (in Eastern Europe)!

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Hi All!
My name is Alexander, I live in Kiev, Ukraine (in Eastern Europe).

For the last several years I have been engaged in the development (calculations and technical design) of equipment for fast continuous distillation (stripping columns) and vacuum distillation. Different models are possible, both for home use and for industrial (volumes of 100,000 liters per day). Columns with diameters from 2" to 200". I have collected and studied a large library of the former USSR literature on the design and construction of continuous columns for various applications.
I have my own design of a vacuum distiller for home use (small volumes of alcohol), I have developed and can serially produce a microcontroller (electronic device) that completely controls the vacuum distillation process. Vacuum distillation allows the production of "aromatic alcohol" from fruit mash and can completely remove fusel (heavy) oils in one pass (run).
I have my own continuous column design (column stripping).

I want to cooperate or get a job in an American company that can or wants to manufacture new equipment for the distillation market.

I am upset that most of the "beautiful shining tanks" offerings in the US market are completely similar to Chinese products (and most likely made in China). I believe that the USA is a great country and in the USA it is possible to produce advanced equipment for fast and clean distillation of alcohol on its own. I have a technological background, I can and know how to organize production from scratch or with a very small production base. The main thing is the desire and determination of people. Knowledge can be obtained.

I watch what the Chinese offer on market for large (500-2000 liters) moonshine stills.
I understand that this is "classic" equipment for moonshine, but let's look at the current situation with sales of "classic" equipment.

I see on the forums that those who bought equipment with a large tank, after a while, want to produce even more alcohol. This is normal, the business must grow.
But here the problems begin ...
Usually they are offered to put another huge tank next to it.
But customers want high distillation rates at low cost. Why do they need another expensive beautiful tank, which will require a whole working day just to warm up?

Now an additional problem: the cost of labor in the US is much higher than in China, and you need to create things without transferring know-how to China, but at the same time receiving additional value (earnings, income) of a large size.

I believe that someone on the market should offer solutions in a continuous column (stripper column) instead of the classic moonshine containers.

But if we switch to a “stripping column”, we need a fermenter instead of a steam-jacketed tank. We don't need a big tank for you at all and we won't waste time heating it up. The mash mixture will flow directly from the fermenter to the stripping column.

Stripping column a 3"–4" (I did a design project for a 2, 3, 4" column) will give faster distillation and won't require several hours to warm up. The stripping column starts dispensing alcohol after it is heated for 20-40 minutes. All we need is a small 26-50 gallon steam generator tank.
My calculations show that a column (for example) 4" with a heater power of 4-5 kW can process up to 40-45 liters of a mash mixture of 8-12% alcohol per hour, giving raw ethyl alcohol 35-55% strength.

A 4" stripping column cannot be expensive  it consists of a few simple pipes. I can simplify my column design even further so that your welders spend less time working and you can use fewer workers.

Increasing the rate of distillation of alcohol will allow your customers to increase productivity and reduce shift costs. No need to expand the height of the premises. No need to build additional premises.

I have not found 2"-10" stripping columns on the market, so someone might be the first.

Think please.

I understand that buyers need "classics", not just appearance - buyers need high quality alcohol or 35-45 degrees of whiskey that they buy.
Do sellers only need a beautiful view of the photo? Do you just need an appearance and "classicism"?
I understand that part of the money is received from excursions, but the real income of breweries and distilleries comes only from the produced whiskey and alcohol, not from onlookers.
Everyone wants to expand and have expansion solutions for little money.

Shortly about myself.
Highly qualified design engineer with experience in research, development, design and organization of small-scale and serial production of electronic and electromechanical products. Development and production of power electronics (direct and alternating current up to 1000 Volt), control systems (sensors of physical quantities - vibration, pressure, force, gas & etc.). Controls and various manufacturing processes, CNC programming and work.
Higher (university) education in the field of electrical engineering, mechanics and programming of microcontrollers.
Expert Skills in C programming for Atmel (over 20 years), Texas Instruments (MCP430) (over 2 years) microprocessors. Experience in controlling design and various manufacturing processes (over 20 years).
Expert Skills in Integral in the design, development, testing of vibration, pressure, force, gas, voltage and current sensors. Create analog, digital, D / A, A / D, and mixed-signal circuit designs as well as electrical specifications for new system designs. Actively involved in full life design cycle, from requirement definition through design, prototyping, proof of concept, testing, and interface implementation; outline and develop validation test plans.
Theoretical and scientific developments in the field of lead batteries. Interface with internal customers and external production / mechanical engineering teams.
Expert level in Electrochemical processes, chemical current sources.
Expert level in the processes of distillation and separation of substances of organic chemistry using thermal and vacuum methods.

Expert skills - Microsoft Windows operating system, (Microsoft Word, Excel), Android OS, C programming for microcontrollers.
Advanced user - AutoCAD, Autodesk ArtCAM.

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