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TTB Application - transfer in bond


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During the application process the TTB asks for the following information


If you will receive bulk spirits and/or denatured spirits in bond from another domestic distilled spirits plant or alcohol fuel producer you must complete this section, even if you are not required to obtain a bond. If you are bonded, you are responsible for ensuring that the liability on all spirits and denatured spirits 'on hand' and 'in transit' will not exceed your bond coverage. Select "Add a Row" to identify each such supplier.

Once approved, a transfer in bond form will be attached to your application. You should supply a copy to the supplier(s) transferring the spirits to you.
I am planning to purchase spirits from other producers for flavoring and bottling.  Does this mean that they want me to 'place an order' with a distributor of bulk spirits, let them know I cannot have it until I provide the form, just so that I can get the applicable information? (Serial Number of order, registry number of shipper, etc)
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