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Gin Baskets


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I have a 1200 liter still.  I would like to add a gin basket.  Does anyone know of a company that makes a big enough gin basket for the still.   If I cannot run it at full capacity, filling it up at least half way would be preferable.  If anyone does know of a big enough gin basket how many liters are people getting out of certain sizes of baskets.  I would like to move right away on something so if you can kindly guide me in the right direction I would appreciate it.   Thank you everyone. 

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I contacted still dragon which has a 12 inch gin basket but they have no idea how much gin can be produced from a 12 inch basket.  This is what I am trying to determine.  Is 12 inch the biggest.  What is the biggest premade gin basket available.  Thank you

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Dude, a 12" basket is huge.  Are you planning on doing vapor infusion for everything or are you going to be macerating some of it?  Have you started working on your botanical load? Maybe try to calculate the physical volume of stuff you're putting in there vs how much volume a 12" basket would hold. There's also complications for botanical load for macerating vs vapor infusion (most people us less for vapor). We do partial maceration and partial vapor. Our vapor stuff is minuscule. It doesn't even cover our 4" basket's bottom. 

SD's gin basket is - Diameter 11 13/16" (300mm) Height: 19 1/8: (486mm) - The volume is ~0.034 cubic meters or ~1.2 cubic feet. 


Sorry if I am adding confusion to an already complicated subject. 

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