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Jabsco Veraflex Pump Cart


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Does anyone have experience using the Jabsco Veraflex Pump Cart System and could assist with a two power questions?

The cart showed up and am trying to clarify the power requirements. The manual has conflicting info and have had no luck reaching anyone at the call center/tech support. The VFD and the power cord is a 1 phase. However, the plate on the motor shows a 3 phase. This has created confusion for our engineer & electrician for the requirement. Is it 1 or 3 phase?

Also, has anyone added a plug to the cart cord as opposed to hard wiring it to the power connect? 

Thank you for any insight. 

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This is common, but is not straightforward.

When you use a drive on single phase to output 3 phase, it has to be oversized to what the rated HP, 3PH drive for that motor load would normally be. This means the electrical service has to be sized for the VFD, and the VFD has to be configured correctly for the motor connected. While not a perfect solution it can work, but I much prefer not to have to do so if its not absolutely necessary. There is a lot of proprietary gear that is set up this way from the factory, including many washing machine drive motors these days.

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I’ve used VFDs for a lot of things. They can be pretty amazing for the 3-phase motors. 

As for connection you’ll just have to read the manual on settings and connections.  While the connections are easy, the programming can be a bit more involved. Use the nameplate data on the motor itself to program the VFD. 


Most VFD also have a soft start feature which is a huge help for starting a bigger motor on a smaller circuit or a smaller generator.   It also means you don’t have to massively oversized the VFD due to the starting amp draw on many motors. 

I had a 3hp single phase machine that my genny wouldn’t start due to start up current draw.  But the 7hp machine with the VFD and soft start programmed was zero problems to start or run under heavy loads using the same genny. 

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