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Sláinte, We are going Rogue

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My wife and I started Irish Whitetail back in 2017 with our Rogue Buck Whiskies finished in the most exotic and pure woods from around the world. To say we ruffled a few feathers would be an understatement. And part of the fun of being the new kids on the block. 

We fully intended on producing in Ireland with the most beautiful pot stills that where designed by us from the ground up. When we launched, we were set to be exporting to over a 100 locations across the world. Then things got sticky. With everything going on, we decided to shutter the Irish operations and move everything to America. Following the very path my ancestors took over 100 years ago. 

Now we are building back up our operations in a new location. We never expected the warm reception we have received from locals and our blind tasting panels as we redevelop our recipe's to blend the best of our Irish craft with Northern Midwest grains. We have never been a fan of making alcohol just to increase our ABV, but strive for the best flavours from our yeast and grain pairings. To adapt to new grains and water is always a treat for the distilling geeks amongst us.

We are not just learning a new market here, but once again navigating the fun that is alcohol startups in the United States. The freedom to try new things here without the restriction of a Whiskey law or Geographical Indicator is refreshing. 

The fun part of this endeavor will be building everything ourselves. We are hand building our stills, mash tun, and condensers.

We would love to have a chat about building units, grain selection, what's working with the changing Terroir trends, or even marketing. Once up, we will be open to collaborations.




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