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Looking to purchase a 250-500 gallon still


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Our equipment is engineered and designed in the US.  Also all of our electrical systems and electric motors are made in the US.  All of our safety devices and most of our pumps are made in the US.  Around 80% of our structural components are made in China to our specs and standards and the other 20% are done in the US here at our shop.  All of the assembly and quality control is done in the US.  Our prices are some of the best in the industry and our stills are in over 460 distilleries in the US and many other distilleries around the world.  With any purchase of over $10,000.00 you get a free hands on 3 day one on one distilling workshop at a distillery that has been running our equipment for 9 years 40 to 60 hours per week.  You will be using that equipment at the workshop.  If you want, we can build you a complete still here in the US however it will cost a lot more and the quality will be the same excellent quality, either way.

email: paul@distillery-equipment.com

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