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Buying aged barrels from MGP/Ultra Pure that are empty

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Just wondering if anyone has ever purchased barrels of aged product from MGP and gotten completely empty barrels. I buy the barrels through Ultra Pure and I purchased 5 barrels of 2016 bourbon. When they arrived 2 of the 5 barrels were BONE DRY- not even damp. The barrels were pallet stored (filled through the head) and the barrels were produced by Speyside cooperage in Ohio. I have had another barrel from Speyside that leaked so bad I had to move the product to another barrel. 

From every one I talk to MGP will normally make this situation right but after a month and a half they said "tough luck" we sell barrels "as is, where is". 

We only source a little from MGP so we are not important enough for them to make this right. This is the worst business practice ever. I get that there will be some loss for angel's share and some minor barrel seepage but empty after 4 years is just BS. They also charged freight on full barrels so that is FRAUD. I am going to take legal action so if there is anyone else in the same boat let me know. Maybe class action suit.

BTW I normally buy new make so have not had issues. This is the first time buying aged product.

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I do purchase through Ultra Pure and I did bark up their tree...a lot. They did credit me for one barrel.  Regards MGP- they shipped the barrels and they do the bill of lading and they knew the barrels were empty when they loaded them. The driver who delivered them told me they were empty and he does not handle barrels for a living. 

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