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Particles/filaments floating in vodka

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Hi guys,

Avid reader and first post.  We have spent some time having a good look at vodkas in the market with a UV light and have noticed a large number of them, including some of the global brands, have filaments floating inside the liquid. They appear as small wisps generally elongated. They appear to be more prevalent in sugar cane derived products and or corn derived vodka. Does anyone have any idea what they are ?

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OH COME ON! Great now for the next couple weeks every time my skin itches I'm going to think that I have that disease.


22 hours ago, Andrew42 said:

Does anyone have any idea what they are ?

If they used a plate filter it might be some of the loose filter material coming off. This is supposition though.

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I’ve seen this too. It’s not a particulate from filtration media.  It’s like wispy cotton candy sorta strings.  They break up when you shake it.


Im not entirely sure what to make of it.  It seems to be forming after bottling when I’ve experienced it.  

seriously. How has no one seen this before?

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