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Who is using a glass supplier overseas?


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We are exploring sourcing our bottles directly from the manufacturer overseas.

Does any distillery have experience or recommendations on a bulk supplier?  We want bottle frosting, printing etc. done all at the same time.  Shipping container volume.

Thanks for any leads.


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I have also been looking at this for sometime going direct to a factory. I was all set up to do business with a factory in China about a year ago. Then I learned that anti dumping tariffs (could be up to 300%) were being put into place. That was scheduled sometime to hit about June of this year. Not sure if that happened or not? Talking to freight brokers they said even if the tariffs were in place or not you could be held liable and the government could come back years later and still impose these fines on you. I heard something similar happened to the furniture business. Blackheat you might know more about this as that would have been in your neck of the woods with the furniture businesses. 

I was working with Xilong glass hearing many good things about them from people here in the US. Pricing was great. At the first of the year Xilong told me they would ship to another country then into the US to avoid this anti dumping tariffs. There is NO Way I am going to get involved in games like that. I will not bring in anything from China with the anti dumping.

I have been told there are a few good companies in Taiwan. I have looked online but have not found any spirit glass manufactures factories. I am wondering if these people are still dealing with someone like Xilong and shipping trough Taiwan. 

I know years back a few people where bringing in glass from India?

Also looking any leads outside of China would be appreciated. 

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