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Single Bottle Shipping


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Are there any distillers here that ship individual bottles that can help find the required inner packaging for Nordic style bottles?  I can find them all day long for wine bottles, but nothing for Nordic bottles.  Something like the individual wine bottle in the picture below.  Any help at all is appreciated.  




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I have tried a lot of different types of shippers including custom cut styro a little like you have shown above but the only only type that I have not had breakages with are inflatable air tube bags.

Example in this link.


Unlike USA, Australians ship direct to consumers, a lot of alcohol around the country and overseas through the postal system. With current travel restrictions the postal system is getting overloaded and I am sure there would be more breakages

Haven't heard of anyone having breakages with these air tubes. Ideally they should be in a box to prevent sharps causing punctures. But each tube has its own valve so if one gets punctured the whole thing does not collapse.


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Heres a quick pic with a small Snapple bottle in it. These can be shipped directly like this, but I strongly recommend placing into a carton if nothing else than for concealing the contents. 


BTW, my day job is Packaging Specialist. Most of my experience is with manufacturers and e-commerce facilities, but morphing towards the beverage industry as thats where my heart is!



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We have been using the packaging from spiritedshippers as well, but it is NOT really a great choice if you are using the Nordic spirit bottles (750ml or 375ml). The 750ml are just a little too wide to properly fit, and the shoulder inserts don't match well. The 375ml will fit, but it wastes much space, half the box is empty. It is unfortunate no one appears to make a shipper designed for the Nordic, considering how common it is, as well as similarly sized/shaped bottles. Everything is sized for wine bottles.

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