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Hemp Vodka


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I'm looking to make a hemp vodka by using the actual hemp in a mash and fermenting it.  All of the research I've seen seems to indicate that hemp seed would be the best part of the plant to use, and most of the recipes seem to be 51% Hemp and 49% Corn or other grains.  My guess is that this is because the starch conversion isn't as significant in just the hemp.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any tips on heading in the right direction here?

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Of the two US distilleries that say they are fermenting Hemp and Corn to make vodka they both say that it took them years of trial and error to get the mash right, so my guess is they are not going to be very forthcoming on how they make their product. Also, one nutritional source I looked at says that only 1-2% of hemp seeds are carbohydrates. That seems like a really poor substrate for making spirits unless you have an incredibly large and cheep source. And, unless the data I looked at is wildly wrong, it sounds like the two distilleries that are making these hemp vodkas that the corn is really doing the heavy lifting in terms or alcohol production.

It seems like if you are really committed to the idea you could probably make it work but at what expense in terms of time and final cost to the consumer? If you get it to work, for a commercial product, I would definitely be interested to see what it tastes like. 

Good Luck.

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