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For Sale: Hydrodynamics 304 Stainless Steel 8x2 Shockwave Power Xtractor spirits cavitation unit

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To quickly simulate age or flavor your whiskey or other spirits:

Available at our distillery in Everett, WA is one Hydrodynamics 304 Stainless Steel 8x2 Shockwave Power Xtractor spirits cavitation unit.   We purchased this for a project and then focused elsewhere, so this is just as we received it out of the box/crate, and we have never used it.   The Shockwave is used in conjunction with wood chips or flavorings to add flavor to simulate prolonged aging of spirits, this is a super product, but not now part of our direction.

You can see the demo here:  https://www.hydrodynamics.com/cavitation-technology/

Includes following items (and specs):

       One 304 Stainless 8”x2” Xtractor (non-wetted parts are painted carbon steel)

·       Max hydrodynamic throughput: 7.5 GPM

·       Max pressure: 150 psig

·       Max temp: 250°F

       One 7.5 HP, motor rated at 230 VAC 3-phase, 3600 RPM, 60 Hz

       7.5 HP VFD

       Touchscreen control system with inlet/outlet thermocouples

       Inlet/outlet pressure gauges

       Piping connections with 1.5” tri-clamp fittings

       Type 21 seal

       Viton elastomers

       Small integrated skid with wheels, for ease moving it around

       Operations manual, in English


Total weight:  250 lbs, not including packaging.  Best of picked up in person (Everett, WA), otherwise shipping to your location at cost.  International inquiries also welcome, it just makes shipping a bit more complicated.

Price New:  $34,572.  Asking $31,115 (10% discount).   Info@JamesBayDistillers.com  or 425-212-9135. 


See photos for additional details.  Questions welcome.

20201106_105404 hydrodynamic 1.jpg





20201106_110815-1 hydrodynamic manual photo.jpg


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I’m a bit confused by what it does. It kinda looks like a hydrogenator or shear mixer. 

does it heat the spirit?

 Is feed rate adjustable?


where does the wood go?


do I have to filter afterwards?


have you tried spirit that has gone thru this process?  If so what type of spirit and what was the effect?

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Hi Fiji, re: questions:

Does not heat the spirit; rate of flow is variable (VFD); wood chips used is from various suppliers (this is one: https://www.northmountainsupply.com/north-mountain-supply-american-oak-chip-fines-clone-.html); I would think you'd want to filter in any case.  I have tried spirits (flavored whiskey, mostly fruit flavors it seems in their product list) used in this process (award winning product line as far as I know) from another distillery in Wash State.  I know of another in New Mexico.   An article about use of the technology: https://www.profoodworld.com/processing-equipment/continuous-improvement/whitepaper/13278560/brewing-more-with-less on the beer brew side, discussing pressure, cavitation, reduction of cost.   and a set of PDFs is found here on the use of wood chips:  https://www.hydrodynamics.com/wine/  Hope that's helpful. 


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