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Tuesday Morning Insurance Tidbit - 'da 'Rona Battle

InsuranceMan 2.0

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Happiest Thursday to you, dearest reader,

     I know it has been a while and I am sure you are thirsting for a new TMIT by this point.  I looked back and I believe the last posting I graced you with was around June the 1st.  That means that it has been nearly 5 months since you have heard from me.  My most sincere apologies to you for “Leavin’ ya hangin’!”

     As you know, summers generally are quite a busy time for a myriad of reasons, and I do not post much during those months.  Family time, nice weather, and fighting the insurance battle is quite time consuming during the warm weather months, and much attention must be given during the time that the kiddos are out of school.

     Why then have I not written to you in a while, you may be wondering.  Well, let me tell you …  Over the summer I had also been diligently working on creating a set for a show that was to be performed in March, but then ‘da ‘Rona derailed all of that, so we were shooting for an October reboot date, so I had a lot going on between everything and building an entire set with the help of my gal-pal.  We were able to do 4 performances of “Into the Woods”, in which I performed the part of Rapunzel’s Prince.  Yes, I know, not only did I build the set, but I also was in the show.  My superhero-ness knows no bounds.  Anyway, after 4 shows we found out that several of the people involved had contracted ‘da ‘Rona. 

     On Monday the 19th of October, I found out that the gal-pal had it, and the kiddo did as well.  I was negative.  Again, superhero-y!!!  Regardless, I was going to be on lockdown for 14 days since we are all in the same super-lair, breathing the same super-air.  It did not take long for my supermind to do the math on this situation and cogitate on the resolution.  I concluded that I did not want to get 10 days in to a 14-day lockdown, only to end up with the dreaded “VID”, which would extent my lockdown by another few weeks.  With that, I decided to tend to the ill that were milling about my lair of solitude, and, long-story-short, I contracted ‘da ‘Rona and was on lockdown until November the 2nd.

     A quick aside on ‘da ‘Vid …  It really was not that bad for us, it was like a bad cold or the flu, really (without the nausea or intestinal issues, there was none of that, so the toilet paper shortage thing still baffles me).  There were a few days of odd aches and pains in weird places, like your ankles and hips.  There were a few days of headaches, but again, not all that horrible.  Thankfully, we are all in good shape, after all, we are a superhero family … duh!  I can see though how this virus would have a much more sever effect on those with other health concerns, the elderly, etc.  It is not anything to mess around with, but we made it though relatively unscathed.  An aside to the aside … We all did lose our sense of taste and smell, and that SuperSucked!!!  For me, it became a choir to even eat.  It was pointless.  No taste, no smell, it was just like texture of something in your mouth and you were never satiated.  I pretty much gave up eating altogether for a while, and only consumed what was needed to not become weak.  I cannot afford to let my superstrength go with so much insurance battling to take care of.  That would be reckless of me, and the burden of taking care of so many leaves me selfless, so I ate when I needed to keep up my abilities.  One more quick aside-to-the-aside, with another aside.  Not being able to smell was bizarre.  It was not like being stuffed up and only “kind of smelling” things.  THERE WAS NOTHING!!!  NO SMELL OF ANY KIND!!!  To the point that I pulled out a bottle of barrel strength bourbon (124 proof), poured about ¾ of an ounce, nosed it … NOTHING.  I could tell it was “vapory”, but there was no smell of anything.  I put the bourbon in my mouth, swished it around … NOTHING!  Swallowing the “should be delicious” drink … NOTHING!!!  Friends, there is nothing more demoralizing than not being able to taste a delicious booze!!!

     OK, back to where I have been.  So, I come out of “covid-quarantine” on November 2nd, several days later, I have a helluva cough starting.  What is with that?  I had no cough with the ‘Rona, so was this something else.   As it turns out, yes, yes it was.  I went back to the Doc on November 9th only to find out that I have secondary pneumonia brought on by ‘da ‘Rona.  Oh, dear reader, I must tell you, this aspect of illness is far-and-away 10 times worse than anything I had with the virus.  It is kicking my super-glutes.  So fatigued, worn out from coughing, and just overwhelmingly tired.  It is a new level.

     Alas, I will bounce back, I will be better, and I will emerge victorious … perhaps as InsuranceMan 3.0!!!, LOL!!!  No, I will stay “2.0”.  If I went another level higher, I may just become ethereal and we cannot have that.



     In my time spent in my lair of solitude, I have been diligently working with several of my national carriers to relax some of the stringent underwriting guidelines that I have previously written about.  And guess what??!?!  They have relaxed several of them and we were able to provide insurance this year for folks that they declined last year, thereby saving my insureds money and increasing their coverage!!!  This is a WIN-WIN for everyone.  Yes, even in my state of illness, I was working on your behalf, dear reader, in order to provide you with more options, better coverage, and less premium out the door.  InsuranceMan 2.0!!! was still hard at work for you, even whilst battling the forces of the Virus!!!  I will never rest in the battle of the insurance-universe.

     For those of you out there that are placed with an Excess and Surplus Lines Carrier, take heed and get in touch with me.  I may have options for you to provide you with a standard and admitted carrier that we would have had very little chances with at this time last year.  What could it hurt to try?!?!?

     With that, I must sign off for the time being, but rest assured, I am back, better than ever, and I will be providing you with TMIT’s on a regular basis.  I know, I know … You don’t have to thank me … it is my gift to you.  Until next time, dear reader … stay healthy, stay happy, and stay positive.  Things will be back to “normal-normal” soon, I know it.


Stay Vigilant,

Aaron Linden

a.k.a. InsuranceMan 2.0!!!

(307) 752-5961

aaron@roaringforkins.com     or    insuranceman2.0@yahoo.com  

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