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Great day for Saskatchewan

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Well friday was a great day for Saskatchewan,  the govt released the new rules for distilleries in this province . Since early summer the govt has been trying to fix the problem.  In last 2 years the craft industry here has bin a mad rush for the bottom shelf , who can sell the cheepest gns . 

Now the govt has split the industry into 2 groups type 1 and type 2 . Type1 being distillery that mash and ferment 100 percent of there product . And type 2 those who source there product (ngs) and simply bottle it . Along with this distinction comes a fifty percent drop in production taxes for type 1 Distllers and roughly double production tax for type 2 . Unfortunately they are are still allowing type 2 operations to use the term craft .....but iguess we ll have to let the public decide what craft means . 

We really wanted for the govt to take the stand of the BC govt regarding use of sourced alcohol and calling yourself craft . How ever we are happy to have the distinction from the govt so we can educate the public . Its yet to be seen if type 2 are going to still have craft benefits like self distributing, tasting rooms, ect ect . I ll keep u posted



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Congrats Tim,  do you have a link to the legislation you can share?  I'd like to see if I can get our representatives in Ohio interested in something similar.


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