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500L (132 gallons) Copper Still with Copper Bubble Cap Plates Column


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500L copper still (132 gallons working capacity), steam heating (15 psi), with steam heating jacket, 500l working capacity, the whole pot, swanneck, column with 9 plates, dephlegmator, are all copper (CU1220),  other parts are stainless steel 304, with agitator, a stainess steel gin basket, stainless steel tube type condenser, 4 storage tanks under the frame, with CIP pump and manifold. 

Price is USD47000.

If you are interested, pls feel free to contact me.

Mob: 0086-15867759507 or 0086-18966261717
Skype: sophiewu1989
Whatsapp: 008615867759507




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