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SOLD - 500 Gallon Pot/Column Hybrid

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Selling our 500 gallon still to make room for some larger equipment. We currently only finish vodka and gin on this still. We used to run grain-in whiskey on it but stopped once we installed our continuous column. Included are:

500 gallon pot still w/ whiskey helmet

4 plate column with dephlegmator

15 plate column with dephlegmator

Gin basket


3 90 gallon storage tanks

Massive Condenser

Thermostatic valves to control the dephlegs

Cooled reflux sump and pump

This still makes some incredible spirits and we run it weekly. The column drains have been decoupled from the pot and plumbed to the cooled reflux sump. The sump then pumps the reflux back into the pot. This ensures absolutely no column puking and back pressure issues.


$50,000 FOB Columbia, Illinois. Please email adam.stumpf attt stumpysspirits.com for more info. Like our column for sale, this will be available spring of 2021 so you are more than welcome to come check it out in action.





Pot Still.jpg

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