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How to properly report test batches that are dumped?


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We've been doing a bunch of test batches for various things. For the things that aren't going to be sold how do we report them if we dump them? Most of the stuff is pretty small but we have a couple that are a few gallons in size. While I prefer not paying tax on them I would prefer more that the TTB doesn't fine us for doing something wrong during an audit.

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1. As part of your Daily Records, create a "destruction" form.

2. Record all details of the destroyed spirits on this form. It should include date, serial number, type of spirits, PG destroyed, perjury statement, etc. 

3. Report it as destroyed on Line 19 of the Processing Report. Alternately, you could use Line 20 of the Storage Report, or perhaps report it as withdrawn for R&D on Line 12 of the Production Report. You would also want to have an additional R&D withdrawal form for this last option.

4. Keep all documentation on file.

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