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Bulk Distilled Water

Rory Tice

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I'm having trouble finding distilled water in bulk. Preferably in IBC totes but could use 55 gallon drums as well. Located in slightly Upstate NY, 100 miles north of NYC.

Any suggestions or observations welcome- I'm new to needing this kind of volume. One additional note- I have found the technical grade stuff for around $4/gallon but find it hard to imagine there isn't a much more reasonable source.

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Knowing what I know about distilling, I would think that $4.00 per gallon is a good price for distilled water, but that is only an educated guess.  If you distill it yourself on a small still and account for your time distilling, energy costs, coolant costs and the cost of the still, I  think that it would cost you more than $4.00 per gallon to do it yourself.  I hope this helps.

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22 hours ago, Lorenzo said:

Why exactly, when for around 1500-2k you can purchase a great RO system, 

RO water will not work for many biological, chemical and industrial applications that require higher levels of purity.  Sometimes the purity requirements are so great that double distilled water is required. Millions of gallons of distilled water are produced each year.  We have sold several stills for water distillation.

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16 hours ago, Silk City Distillers said:

You can get a RO/DI unit for less than the price of that tote that can make you thousands of gallons of higher purity water.

"RO water will not work for many biological, chemical and industrial applications that require higher levels of purity."  Which is of course why there is a demand for distilled water when RO/DI simply isn't pure enough.  By Higher levels of purity I meant, levels of purity higher than RO/DI water.  https://www.uswatersystems.com/deionized-water-vs-distilled-water#:~:text=When it comes to distilled,water%2C both are very pure.&text=The water should be filtered,significant number of additional contaminants.

From the above web page: "Since both treatment methods produce high purity water, choosing between deionized water vs. distilled water often depends on how you're using it. Distilled water is often more pure, especially if it's been filtered first, and it should not contain any bacteria or other pathogens which could, in theory, be left in DI water. Distilled water, especially if it's been double or triple distilled, can be used for nearly all laboratory applications, including those in which DI water might not be pure enough."

Rory,  If your application does not require the higher purity of distilled water then an RO/DI system would be the way to go as it will save you a lot of money, but I figured that if RO water was pure enough for your application, you would not be looking for distilled water.

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