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Labeller upgrade recommendation

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We are looking to do a modest upgrade to our labeler and are coming up empty handed for options. We currently use a benchmate and have for several years now. It does what it is supposed to do, but we are finding that very few staff are able to get consistent results without throwing out a lot of labels. Perhaps it is the size of our label (6", almost full wrap) or our bottle (narrow, 9.75" to the neck) but we can't get consistent long term results without a lot of tweaking. We are small operation (10K bottles per year), and are looking for a semi-automatic machine that is able to deliver consistent results regardless of who is operating it. Unfortunately our bottles are too tall for the Primera 360/362. Does anyone have a recommendation in the $3K range?

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15 hours ago, Golden Beaver Distillery said:


Did 2,300 bottles the first month with it and it worked flawless.

Thanks Golden Beaver, JeffW. Loving going through the Propack website; they have a lot of toys that probably only get us excited but its fun!

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11 minutes ago, LuckyGuy said:

with a tapered bottle, I haven't found ANY cheap solution.   I have to hand label them for sure.   Once my production numbers increase, I hope I can find a viable solution that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg.

We use the bottle-matic for our tapered cylindrical bottle and it works fine.

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