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  • Type of Machine: Bottle Filler / Gear Filler
  • Construction: 304 Stainless Steel Food Grade Standard
  • Seals: Buna Food Grade Standard
  • Tubing: 5/8 inc OD
  • Valve: 3/8"
  • Spring: Stainless Food Grade Standard
  • Quickly package liquids with the reliable SGF Series Gear Fillers. The SGF Series gear filler is a single-head, microcomputer-controlled semi-automatic machine that lets you accurately fill liquids in dry environments. The microcomputer chips let you precisely control filling times and flows for expert accuracy and reliability. Each SGF Series gear filler operates with a foot pedal that begins the fill cycle or in automatic fill mode
  • This gear head filler has been used only once and was simply not a fit for what we were doing but was out of the return deadline.
  • Retail is over $3,400.00, asking $2750.00 Please Inquire by contacting Alex.vesely@southerndistilling.com

gear head filler 2.jpeg

gear head filler 3.jpeg

gear head filler 1.jpeg

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