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Arnold Holstein 250 Lt. Still - Defleg Plumbing


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Hey there!

I picked up a used 250 l still with a four plate column/deflegmator mounted on top of the pot and a stand alone condenser. I'm used to my deflegmator having two cooling liquid ports - one in and one out. This Holstein still has four ports and some a interconnected with stainless pipes and a collection of valves. Before I go moving water through it trying to figure it out for myself, I thought I'd see if anyone on here could help. Picture, (although not the best) attached. I'll post a better one when I'm back at my distillery tomorrow. Holstein doesn't seem to be able, (or maybe willing is a better word), to provide any explanation. 

Defleg and Condenser.jpg

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14 hours ago, Pour Decisions said:

was the seller of no help here?


The biggest question is, was the manufacturer no help?  If someone contacts me about one of my stills I help them them right away and answer any questions that they have, no matter what country they are in.  If a manufacturer will not answer those kinds of questions then they are not doing their job and they should be called out for it.

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