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Vanilla Toast for Bourbon Barrels

Adam Schulz

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Happy New Year, ADI Forum users!

Seguin Moreau has been developing a new toasting/charring process unique to our company that is getting rave reviews around the country for bourbon and whiskey production.

We have developed a process whereby we toast the barrel first, getting deeper penetration into the staves and extracting a greater quantity of vanillin and other lactones beneficial to spirits aging.  We then Char the barrel to the distiller's specifications rendering, at a minimum, double the vanillin and lactone extraction of charring alone.  This process is helping distillers get a higher quality, more impactful result for upper echelon bourbon and whiskey products.

Please reach out to us to learn more about this barrel production protocol and how we may be able to support your operation!

Much obliged,

Adam Schulz

Seguin Moreau



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