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Condensation inside the 700 ml bottles


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Has anyone worked out yet why we are getting condensation in the neck of our bottles. Quite a few theories put out there but no definite cause that I can make out.

Would really appreciate any help with this problem. 

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To bring this up again:

  • For people that are getting condensation:
    • What's the ABV you've bottled at that experienced it? We bottle between 20% and 45% and get it.
    • What bottles are you using?
  • For people that do purge with nitrogen/argon/CO2 or something else? Are you experiencing it?
  • Is there anyone out there that ISN'T experiencing it?
    • If so what are you doing to prevent it if anything?
    • What spirits are you bottling?
    • What bottles are you using?
    • What ABV are you bottling?
    • Where are you? Could it be climate/humidity related?
    • Are you purging the bottle?
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I have seen this topic discussed quite a few times on this forum over the years (I have been on this forum for a long time, I think this is my post 1,000 :)

I am reasonably sure it is caused tiny amounts of oils in the spirit that float to the top and forms a thin film on the glass. The oil doesn't allow the spirit to spread out as it evaporates and condenses on the glass, so droplets form.

I recently experimented with a wide neck bottle of Ailsa Bay Scotch that had condensation inside the neck. I wiped half the inside of the neck with a paper towel where the droplets were, upended the bottle for a moment and all the condensation vanished as expected. Some time later the condensation re-appeared but not on the area I wiped. I assume it was a thin film of oil I removed with the paper towel.

Oils contain a lot of flavour, lots of spirits from all around the world have condensation in the neck, don't worry about it

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