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Pot Stills, Columns Stills, Fermentation Tanks, Cookers, Transfer Barrels Available

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You can reach me at andrew@tetondistillery.com for questions about any of the equipment. 

Pot Stills
Equipped with double jacketed steam heating pot still, manhole, rectification column, condenser, agitator (ABB motor, gear reducer), piping and fittings. ATM.

250 Gal/1100L - $22,500 - 14ft
500 Gal/2020L - $32,900 - 16ft

Column Stills
Batch distillation. Can be run in split or single column design. ATM. SUS 304 Stainless Steel, 2 Condensers, 2 Rotometers, Steam Element, Stand, (Additional parts for split column)

Single Column
600 L - $22,900 - 33ft
800 L - $25,600 - 40ft
1000 L - $37,600 - 40ft

Split Column
600 L - $23,900 - 20ft
800 L - $26,600 - 27ft
1000 L - $38,600 - 27ft 

Fermentation Tanks
Jacketed for cooling, SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Side manhole, CIP Cleaning Ball, Thermometer, Pressure Gauge, Sampling Port, Stand with adjustable legs, Mixer - 3 phase motor with shaft and paddle, 3 Layer

800L/928L - 7 BBL - Conical - $7,960
1200L/1330L - 10 BBL - Conical - $5600 (No motor, single layer)
1600L/1820L - 14 BBL- Conical - $10,900
3500L/3950L - 30 BBL - Conical - $17,800
3500L/3850L - 30 BBL - Sloped - $17,400

Transfer Barrels
SUS 304 Stainless Steel, Wheels with brakes, Handles, Lid, Ball Valve W/ Tri-clamp

150L - $895
200L - $1095
300L - $1495
400L - $1900

Kettle/Mash Tun
Jacketed with insulation layer, Steam heating, mixer and cover, ABB motor

800L/840L - $12,400
1200L/1500L - $11,800 (No motor, false bottom)

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Current lead times are now 90-120 days. Answers to some questions I have received:

Stills and cooker are steam jacketed. We recommend electric boilers to generate steam. Recommended 72-150 kw/h per still or cooker based on size.
Height listed above is minimum height required.
Stills could be configured to run continuous but this is not something we support.
Column and pot still columns sections are packed with stainless steel meshing. 
Column Still strength of recovery is 95% at 40-50 L/hr for 600L, 95% at 150-160 L/hr for 1600L assuming you have the needed cooling
Pot Still strength of recovery is 20-60% for stripping runs. Whiskey/Rum runs are up to 90%. Technically you could run vodka, and I know of one distillery doing this with the pot still.
Fermenters have cooling/heating jackets, upper and lower. Motors, paddles, CIP, sampling port, gauges, and thermometer can be removed to reduce price. Also can make manhole shadowless for higher price.

Here are some of the companies we have sold stills to:

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