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Where to find COPPER tri clamp ferrules


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2 hours ago, Blackheart said:

Hi folks!


I am in search of COPPER triclamp ferrules to weld/braze to a copper column.


Does anyone know where to find these?  

We have them, however if it's a larger diameter ferrule it's better if we weld a stainless ferrule on to a piece of our copper pipe and sell it to you.  What size and type of copper pipe do you have?

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Thanks Paul:

We are adding a return buttress fitting to our column.  We can do it in a 1.5inch tri clamp or a 1/2 inch FMPT buttress socket.  I am agnostic as to which.    

Since the column is solid copper, we wanted to keep the buttress fitting in copper as well.  

I have attached pics for reference.  

I know I could use a standard copper sweat fit 1/2 inch FMPT adapter, but they arent terribly robust and the thread exposure is pretty limited.  

Copper TC.jpg

FMPT butress.jpg

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We usually have copper tri clamp ferrules in 2", 3" and 4".  Our 2" size is currently out of stock and we don't carry the 1.5" copper tri clamp ferrules.   We can weld a 1.5" piece of type L copper pipe to a 304 stainless ferrule but I can understand why you don't want to do that with your copper column.  These guys have 2" ones https://www.hobbyhomebrew.com/product/2-inch-copper-flange-ferrule-for-beer-keg-still-triclover-triclamp-tri-clover-tri-clamp-compatible-one-of-the-hard-bits/  We have 2" tri clamp to 1/2" female NPT adapters on our web store: https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/products/1-2-female-npt-to-2-tri-clamp-stainless-steel-ss304?_pos=57&_sid=062c7d157&_ss=r  Would that combination work for you?

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