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Gauge and Proofing Worksheet


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Hi everyone,

As a new distillery I have been learning and struggling with a lot of the reporting,, not experienced in spreadsheet creation, 

I thought maybe someone on the forum would share what you are using, for gauge/proof records, whether its a excel spread sheet or if you know of  software that can been purchased that helps with this process.

Thanks  Lorenzo

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Hey there!  

I missed this topic when you posted it.   I recently started putting a sheet for production together a couple of days ago.    I'll refine it over time to automate more outputs.   FYI I'm a very small distillery, and I'm tailoring it to myself so I don't know if it will be useful for you.      This is a first draft with just a couple hours of work by an amateur excel user, so don't expect too much.  Eventually I'll create forms to really have a viable user interface, but for now it's just a basic spreadsheet with a few simple formulas.     

Still I'm happy with it thus far.   Mostly I just want my number tracking to automatically give me info for my monthly reporting so I don't have to manually tabulate things.   At present, it only totals what I've produced, the production by kind, and the ingredients.  Those are based on my processes... bourbon is a finished spirit at the 2nd run for me.   Gin however, doesn't show as finished till the 3rd run....  that type of thing. 

FYI:  it's not done, so if you use anything from it, it's at your own risk. Still, this type of thing is good for ideas, and might help you see how to put your own personal version together.    Examples of how to get excel to sum the proof gallon values, based on a couple of different text criteria (I.e. "Bourbon" + "2nd Run") can come in handy for putting your own together.   

Color coding =

  • light green cells should have automated entry
  • light blue cells need manual entry
  • darker blue cells are drop down boxes


Edit:  BTW... quick agreement with above poster re: alcodens.   That software is the one that I would recommend highly!   It's been super helpful to me and I use it all the time, not just at proofing time, but for calculating correct weights when I fill bottles, for establishing my proof gallons by weight for my own records, etc.   





Distillery Reporting.xlsx

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